About us

Ideas4ADIs Ltd was formally established back in 2004 after many years of groundwork, and has grown steadily since, as we continue to build our reputation on the high quality of our products and service.

Our aim

Our aim is to help raise the professional status of the driver training industry up to the level to which it should be regarded, and to promote road safety.
To achieve this, our objectives are:

  • to produce high quality training and business products for the professional driver trainer
  • to encourage and promote good business and teaching practices
  • to continue to create and develop further ideas and products to help us achieve our aim
  • to maintain the high quality of our products and to sell at realistic prices
  • to promote road safety and encourage others to do so at every opportunity

Our products and service

At Ideas4ADIs it is important to us that you, our customers, receive the best quality products and service that we can provide. Our philosophy is to put the customer at the centre of everything we do. Our products are developed, trialled and refined with the participation and feedback of our customers. You will always find our staff polite, friendly and efficient. If you have a problem with a product, delivery or anything else we will endeavour to put it right as quickly as possible.

We always welcome feedback, as it is important for us to know what you feel we are doing right or wrong. This helps us improve our products and services; alterations to our ADI Lesson Presenter and the production of our Expansion Packs were made as a result of feedback and encouragement from our customers.

All Ideas4ADIs branded products are developed, produced and sold by ourselves - no-one else. Everything from paper and printing to pens and packaging are all chosen by us to ensure the best quality and value for money. We chose to use the encapsulating process for our presenters, as opposed to laminating, because it completely seals the printed page against wet or damp and produces a sturdier, more hard-wearing product.

All of the products we supply which are not produced by ourselves are selected for their quality, not because they are the cheapest. Our roof signs are made to the highest standard, utilising top quality components and materials. They are made from acrylic which has been UV-treated to prevent fading from the sun, resulting in them lasting much longer than the average plastic roof sign. In fact, they are guaranteed to stay white for a minimum of 3 years. The five magnets used are rubberised and have been specifically designed for roof signs: this increases and spreads the surface area which adheres to the roof of the vehicle. They have been tested to withstand speeds of up to 100mph and come with a protective rubber seal that fits around the base of the roof sign ensuring there is no damage to the vehicle and prevents under-current which might lift the roof sign off.

Our Commitment to Road Safety

Part of our aim is to promote road safety and this is something we take seriously. The latest figures* show that nine people die each day on our roads. A further 28,673 people were seriously injured in road crashes in 2006. That’s more than 70 people every day suffering injuries which include brain damage, paralysis, loss of limbs, severe burning or facial disfigurement - injuries that can change lives forever. Another 226,559 people in 2006 sustained minor injuries. Young drivers are more likely to kill or injure themselves or their passengers in a road crash than older drivers. One in eight car drivers (13%) is under 25, but one in four drivers who died on British roads in 2006 (25%) was in this age group.

It is because of shocking statistics like these, and a personal loss through the senseless act of a young driver, that we support Brake the Road Safety Charity, and have made a commitment to road safety which has been recognised by the European Commission. We are proud to be approved as a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter.

One of the main causes of crashes amongst young/new drivers is attitude. We aim to help research the reasons behind this and what action can be taken to reduce this cause. Therefore we are committing to the following road safety actions over the next three years:

  1. We will provide free advertising space for Brake on our website and products, distribute flyers and information on the Buddy Instructor Scheme and conduct promotional talks and seminars.
  2. We shall, with the assistance of Brake and other road safety organisations, produce materials aimed at driver trainers, as well as the young drivers themselves, which will promote better attitude on the road.
  3. For young drivers, to help change the reckless attitude, we will produce free downloadable literature, printable resources and/or printed information, in flyer or booklet format (3,000p/a). We shall design and produce a resource package which will promote the Pass Plus syllabus and integrate a more direct road safety message targeting the young/new driver.
  4. For driving instructors, we will produce downloadable forms and resource information aimed at changing driver attitudes. We shall also produce printed material which will be distributed through our mailing list and at various conferences, seminars and events nationally and at every opportunity.
  5. We will attend 3-6 events per year but also distribute and display literature at a further 5.

* Statistics provided by Brake the Road Safety Charity

We are a fervent supporter of Brake the Road Safety Charity and the work they do.

Profile – The people behind Ideas4ADIs

Mac McDade MInstMTD MAIRSO - Director

Co-founder of Ideas4ADIs Ltd, Mac has been involved in training for nearly 20 years, over 13 of which have been in the driver training industry. After a 9-year career in the Royal Navy as a chef, and then working for various companies running courses on personal development, sales and marketing and for the rehabilitation of young people, he discovered another channel for his creative talents.

Once Mac decided to become an ADI he quickly started developing his own teaching aids. Very basic and hand drawn at first, these illustrations of simple road layouts, although he didn’t know it then, became the starting point of Ideas4ADIs. Once he got himself a computer - he was off, and started to design a full ADI presenter, learning from the mistakes and successes of others, drawing every detail from road signs to headlights from scratch. In 2001, whilst working for The Instructor College, Mac adapted his illustrations to create a set of Part 3 diagrams for their instructor training course. Shortly after, in Sept 2002, he was invited to write the A-Z of Better Business column for adiNews magazine, as well as product and book reviews. In the February 2003 issue, Mac started providing a series of handouts alongside his regular article, which was again something he had developed for his own use. The handouts, covering subjects from the Cockpit Drill to Dual Carriageways, proved very popular and ran in the magazine for 22 months, with back issues selling out. During this time Mac was still working as an ADI, training PDIs and learners, and managed to finish his own Part 3 Presenter, and along with a colleague, who produced the business software, launched Ideas4ADIs Ltd.

Things grew steadily and the company stuck to their aim, confident that competetive pricing and quality of products and service would spread the name and build their reputation.

Mac continued writing the A-Z of Better Business column until March 2005, when he left to concentrate on Ideas4ADIs. He then returned in Feb 2006 to revive the column, which had been absent from the magazine’s pages for the previous 6 months, and introduced a new series concentrating on marketing strategies for ADIs. The final article of this series was in the July 2007 issue. However, Mac continues to contribute product reviews and the occasional articles to adiNews.

Mac is a member of the IMTD (Institute of Master Tutors of Driving), AIRSO (Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers) and a DIG member of the ADI National Joint Council.

adiNews is the only independent industry magazine and Ideas4ADIs supports this by sponsoring the Letters Page. We feel the views of all ADIs, PDIs and driver trainers are important and we are pleased to be able to offer them a voice through the magazine.

Rob Edgley DVSA ADI – Director

Prior to qualifying as an ADI Rob accrued 20 years experience working in the design & print industry. Working initially for a national cash and carry company, Rob had the responsibility of producing and maintaining the signage within all depots and retail outlets; if you remember seeing the Happy Shopper brand sign, the chances are Rob was responsible for it. He’s got a lot to answer for. From there he moved into working in print studios, where he organised the day to day planning and control of the workload through the design studio, managed a team of creative designers/artworkers, and was responsible for final quality checking and preparation of projects for print. Clients included Kuoni Travel, LloydsTSB, csma (Civil Service Motoring Association), Panorama Holidays and Monarch Airlines.

Rob’s wealth of knowledge and experience, and his industry contacts, helps us provide and maintain the quality of our products and the competitive prices we offer. Rob is a working ADI and still somehow manages to find time to support Arsenal and spend time with his family.