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ADI Lesson Presenter
"The Lesson Presenter is an example of a professional tool that will give a professional image. It’s an excellent visual aid that covers all aspects of the driving syllabus that you should be discussing with your pupils."
Extract from ADI News review by Lynne Barrie M.A (Driver Training)
Click here to read the full review - (PDF 113k)

"Just received ADI Expansion Pack 2 - Brilliant! Pupils love them. Finally clear, up-to-date road layouts including Spiral Roundabouts. As a result, I've now bought the ADI Lesson Presenter and Expansion Pack 1. Thanks guys, will recommend you."
Mark Cowdell DSA ADI

"I bought the ADI Presenter and the Expansion Pack. It arrived the next day and was well packaged. I'm really pleased with the products; it will be a great help to me. I'll definitely buy other products. Thank you."
Kevin Simpson DSA ADI

"Thank you, I am delighted with my new presenter. "

"I've just received my ADI Lesson Presenter. What a nice bit of kit it is as well, it's colourful, bright with plenty of information on each topic & well kept in it's own ring-binder folder. Not out on lessons today, but can't wait to show off my new toy tomorrow!!"
Mark Stanley DSA ADI

"Hi. I've just received my ADI Lesson Presenter and Expansion Pack today. My partner liked it so much that I'm ordering another one right away. The pictures are excellent and well presented and it looks very professional. No more sketching odd or complex junctions for me. Thanks a lot, well worth the price tag."
Mark Hamilton DSA ADI

"Received my ADI Lesson Presenter and Pupil Handouts today. Totally thrilled with the quality, well done! I will no longer be using my old one?"
Graham Coles DSA ADI

"The presenter looks ace, I'm well chuffed. This is full of pictures with a few keywords and I work by pictures far better so I am one happy bunny, the quality is superb. I love the lesson presenter and I am pleased to say I bought the expansion pack too - top notch!!"
Hayley Thomas ADI, HND Driving School, Salisbury via ADI Forum

"Two presenters and expansion packs received today. More than pleased with the quality, design and layout, was particularly delighted to find a Northern Ireland DL9A driving test form included in lieu of the GB one without me asking. (someone did their homework)."

"Hopefully when the rest of our instructors see these they will feel inclined to replace their worn out presenters with this product."
David Johnston - DSA ADI

"The lesson diagrams are great - very impressed. I highly recommend the lesson diagrams to anyone."
Robert Smith DSA ADI RSM Driving Tuition

"I just received the ADI Lesson Presenter plus expansion packs 1 & 2, what can I say? It is absolutely brilliant! The quality is superb, the best I have ever purchased in the learner training category. Very professional, clear and well laid out pictures. I have purchased quite a few different books in the past, but the Lesson Presenter is second to none. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It might seem a little high in price, but take it from me, it will last for years, so that far outweighs spending a bit more. The pictures that advertise this don't do it justice, it is far far better than shown. Well done to all who designed this. Thank you."
Phil Bonsall DSA ADI Stay Cool Driving

"I have bought the ADI Lesson Presenter with Expansion Packs 1 & 2 to help me with the Part 3 exam. This Presenter is excellent and just what I was looking for."
Paul Wadsworth

"I've had the ADI Lesson Presenter for about a year now and it's great. Good visuals for the pupil and reminders of points to be covered for me. Most subjects covered by the presenter have a corresponding pupil handout, which my pupils find very useful. "
Stuart Little DSA ADI

"I have just recently ordered and received your ADI Lesson Presenter and Pupil Handout Packs. I would just like to say that the easiness and quickness of my order was second to none and the products themselves are great, thank you."
Chris Beard DSA ADI - Drivetime SOM

"My order of the Lesson Presenter arrived well packed and in double quick time, a must for all ADIs/PDIs. Fantastic value for money and I hope we can do business again in the near future."
N Ward - Edinburgh

"I purchased my Lesson Presenter mid 2005 for preparation for my Part 3 Test in the Autumn. Prior to this I had done some searching around on the ‘net’ looking at other products but could find little that appeared to give the 'to the point' information and clarity with a touch of quality that this one did. Efficiently despatched it arrived one day later (as any further purchases have from Ideas4ADIs) and immediately I felt I had made the right purchase. There is no doubt that this reference tool helped me and would recommend it to any trainee ADI."
P Carr - Carr's Driving - Crowborough

"I'm often asked to recommend a diagram book for use in the ADI Part 3 exam and, up until now, I've only been able to point people towards the long established Colourfile Professional folder. Now I'm pleased to tell you there is an alternative... "
Extract from ADI News review by Lynne Barrie M.A (Driver Training)
Click here to read the full review - (PDF 281k)

"I have bought the Lesson Presenter and it is an excellent product that I am very pleased with."
Peter Madge

"Last week I purchased from you an ADI lesson presenter with expansion packs 1 & 2. I am very impressed with this item; it is superbly written and of great quality. Money well spent, thank you!"
Craig Jenkins DSA ADI

"Delivery arrived as planned and I was impressed - even my pupils were. Shall be singing the praises of your products to other colleagues too. A colleague and friend will be next to purchase from your website. Thanks!"

"I've been using your product for 1 year now and find it invaluable. It helped me pass my Part 3 exam, so many thanks."
Ged Deutrom DSA ADI GSM

Pupil Handouts
"Excellent! Extremely beneficial to both pupil and instructor alike."
John Griffiths - Helensburgh

"With comments like 'My last instructor never gave anything like this', I'm getting lots of recommendations."
S Harris - West Sussex

"I wish to congratulate on the quality and format of your handouts."
Pam Collins DSA ADI

"Received Pupil Handout Package yesterday afternoon. Thanks for your prompt service, much appreciated."
Adrian Anton DSA ADI

"The handouts are fantastic. I give them to my students as reference notes after we have covered a lesson. It adds immensely to the overall professional image, and gives the student something to refer to in private practice, and in between lessons to keep the knowledge fresh. Categorically, those who use them learn faster. So in short, a big thanks."
Ray Lynch DSA ADI

"Firstly I must say payment is SOOOOOOOOOO easy, took about less than a minute. Delivery was via courier the next working day, 'TOP STUFF'. I ordered the pupil handouts and I must say for the 50 I paid I am totally chuffed, and so are my pupils, they are fantastic. They look professional, are VERY useful and they cover everything. I have also found the space you can put your own logo onto. It's been fantastic this week each handout is really helping the learning process. "
Hayley Thomas ADI, HND Driving School, Salisbury via ADI Forum

Part 3 Lesson Plans
"I bought the ADI Lesson Presenter, Lesson Plans and Prompt Book from you just before I started teaching on my "pink" badge. I used these on every occasion possible, then came the time I had to take my part 3. I passed first time with two 5s! I would like to say a big thank you for the help that these products gave me, a must for all trainees."
Matthew Brooks DSA ADI

"Hi guys!
People are very quick to complain about things, so, I just thought I would write to compliment you. I have been purchasing material from you for a while, both when I was training for Part 3, and since I qualified. What can I say? I've never seen such a quick, efficient, friendly service before. The quality of all the products has been excellent. If only other companies learnt from you, life would be so much easier. Thanks and keep the superb work
Marti "
Marti Trujols DSA ADI

Customer Database
"Just to let you know I am delighted with the software I have purchased from you the database is the best one that I've used."
J Dawes - Bexley Heath

"Hi. Just wanted to show my appreciation for providing useful downloads on your site. Thanks again."
Leslie Muldoon DSA ADI

"Very useful and much appreciated."
Ivan Flanagan DSA ADI

"I have just been checking out your site and it is by far the best I have come across. I have registered and downloaded all of your free documents, which are very high quality. Next week I will be purchasing the full Part 3 set to get me through my test. I may add that I was in the process of creating handouts for my pupils after lessons and see that you have them already. These will be next on the list."
Phil Wylie PDI

"Roof box received. Well made, good fit, prompt delivery. Many thanks."
Alan Turner DSA ADI

"Thank you for the safe delivery of my roof box. I am pleased to inform you that it arrived in perfect condition and I am really pleased with the quality and colour of it."
June Hussain DSA ADI

Animated Lesson Presenter
"Altogether this is an excellent package for ADIs who want to stay one step ahead of the game and it represents a real step forward in training aids, using up-to-date technology and imagery. Modern and professional, both my pupils and I have enjoyed trying out the product during lessons - a great idea and a brilliant product."
Extract from ADI News review August 2009. Lynne Barrie DSA ADI, M.A (Driver Training)
Click here to read the full review - (PDF 423k)

"This Animated lesson presenter has got to be the best pupil training aid of the millenium! Its ease of use and pupil understanding must put it on every ADIs wish list. This DVD has helped me cross the bridge in teaching foreign nationals and basic learners. Plus, the printable pupil stationary off the disc is truly a bonus. So, to all of you at Ideas4ADIs may I say WELL DONE!"
Peter Barnes DSA ADI. AIRSO. MSA NWR. Rainbow School of Motoring, Merseyside.

"I have recently purchased your Animated DVD and it is brilliant!"
Judy Lawton DSA ADI

"I bought your animated lesson presenter, and the bad part is I had to go out and buy a portable DVD player. I was hoping I had not made a rash decision. I have spent 100s on presenter books etc, but this is by far the best thing since sliced bread. My students were bored with the books, which have extra writing etc on the page, so they would glaze over or be reading everything else on the page. On the animated DVD there are no distractions at all - the thing they see is the thing you are teaching, totally brilliant guys. Well done!"
Bob Taylor Watson DSA ADI. Clover School of Motoring, Skegness.

"Hi, DVD arrived and is fab."
Sue Holliday DSA ADI