Pupil Handout Pack

Our pupil handouts are designed to compliment our ADI Lesson Presenter and give you the perfect tool to reinforce in-car tuition!

What’s on the Pupil Handouts?


  • Full subject brief/recap
  • Professionally illustrated (compliments the ADI Lesson Presenter)
  • Driving school personalisation box for your logo contact details or promotional message


  • Expanded Quick Quiz section with 8 questions and additional space for the pupil’s answers
  • ‘Did you know?’ section providing your pupil’s with useful road safety information
  • ‘Top Tips’ section giving your pupil additional tips on best practice for safety


"I wish to congratulate on the quality and format of your handouts." PC DSA ADI

All our products are produced to the highest standards to enhance your professional image

  • Top quality 90gsm grade A4 paper
  • Litho printed for the best colour, clarity and durability
  • Each pupil handout set is individually sealed in its very own durable polythene envelope
  • Each set is labelled for your pupil’s details for easy identification and progress tracking


"It adds immensely to the overall professional image. They give the student something to refer to in
practice and in between lessons to keep the knowledge fresh.” RL DSA ADI

Clear summary of the subject and key learning points.

  • Quick Quiz to test the pupil’s knowledge and enhance their learning
  • Great for recapping, so less time going over old ground more time doing
  • Advertise Pass Plus, Motorway Lessons, Recommend a Friend the choice is yours


“I ordered the pupil handouts and I must say for the price I paid I am totally chuffed, and so are my pupils. They are fantastic." HT, Salisbury

There are 20 sets in a pack – that’s 20 pupils worth of top quality handouts!
We’ve done the maths:

  • 20 sets at £80, that’s £4 per pupil
  • £4 for 25 sheets, that’s 16p per double page

Every handout is an advert, with the personalised business card box and our MS Office Word template, you can print any promotional message you wish.

Click here to download a sample PDF

Click here for a list of the handouts featured in Pack 2

Click here to download the template to enable you to personalise your Pupil Handouts

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