AlcoSense Lite – Breathalyser

AlcoSense™ Lite may be the entry level product but the design certainly doesn’t cut any corners. It may not have all of the technology of the Elite but for the occasional user looking for an indication of the level of intoxication the AlcoSense Lite will more than fit the bill.

Easy to Use

Like it’s bigger brother, the AlcoSense Lite has been designed to be as easy as possible to use. To do a breath test all you need to do is turn the unit on, wait for it to count down to zero and then blow until it beeps while holding the Blow key down. Easy!

Easy to understand results

AlcoSense™ Lite shows the level of intoxication in %oBAC (percent of blood alcohol content) and shows the reading in increments of 0.1 (If you require a more detailed readout or in mg/l please see the AlcoSense Elite). The AlcoSense Lite even alerts you when a pupil is close to or over the drink drive limit. Please see the screen shots below.

Which one’s for me?

AlcoSense Elite is designed for the highest levels of performance and is ideal if you depend on your licence for work or wish to get the best protection possible. If you are looking for a reliable system which will give you a good guide to your blood alcohol level AlcoSense Lite is a great choice if you are on a budget.