ADI Multi Pack 1

Buy the ADI Lesson Presenter + Expansion Pack 1 + Expansion Pack 2 and save £18!

ADI Lesson Presenter

This indispensable visual aid is produced to such high quality it will last you for many years. Whether used in briefing, recapping or discussing lesson topics the comprehensive illustrations and Key Points offer valuable support to any ADI.

Features include:

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Expansion Pack 1

Produced to the same high standards, Expansion Pack 1 compliments and enhances the ADI Lesson Presenter by providing 12 new illustrations to support the ADI in delivering quality lessons. The subjects covered are:

  • Y Junctions
  • Box Junctions
  • Junctions on Bends
  • Right Turn Filters
  • Staggered Crossroads
  • Crossroads Nearside to Nearside
  • Crossroads Light Controlled
  • Unmarked Crossroads
  • Staggered Crossing
  • Pegasus Crossings
  • Meeting & Passing
  • Meeting Low Bridge

Expansion Pack 2

Again fully encapsulated and printed to the same high standards, contains a further 12 new illustrations to give ADIs the most complete visual training aid available. A number of the illustrations in this pack were created after taking onboard feedback from ‘YOU’, our customers.

The subjects covered are:

  • Bus Lanes
  • Cycle Lanes
  • Double Mini Roundabout
  • Satellite Roundabout
  • Roundabout Traffic Lights
  • Spiral Roundabout
  • Junction Combination
  • Dead Ground
  • Level Crossings
  • Level Crossings – Barrier
  • Level Crossings – Open
  • Level Crossings – User Worked

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